3 Hip Ideas For a Hip-Hop Style Birthday Cake

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If your celebrating a birthday for a hip-hop enthusiast make sure there decorations look street smart. For your inspiration here are some hip hop-style cake ideas.

1. Keeping it Real

Make a cake that resemble an item affiliated with hip hop. There are no limits. Your cake can be a life-size sneaker, turn table or oversized gold chain. No matter what you make this cake will be a slice of delicious goodness in disguise and will for sure be a hit.

2. For the Ladies

The ladies deserve the world on their birthdays so make something over the top. Bake a cake that has all the hip-hop lifestyle mixed into one. To figure out what to include on your cake do research on the hip-hop lifestyle. Some hip hop style items you can include may be hot sneaks, microphones, break dancers and graffiti styled birthday lingo to name the least. Remember it can be girls with the right color combo which usually tend to lean towards, pinks, reds or purples.

3. Representing the Homies

If the birthday girl or boy is head over heels for a particular rapper. Represent their particular idol in the cake. Represent memorabilia by being creative with the icing or if your feeling extra artistic go ahead and try and making their face out of fondant.

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